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Construction Solutions Made Simple

Established in 2001 in the state of Qatar, Ramaco Trading & Contracting is specialized in providing turn-key solutions in construction industry, featuring Project Development, Design, Engineering, Construction and Property Management.

Our Vision is to maintain growth as one of the leading contracting companies in the State of Qatar that delivers unique Projects for Exceptional Clients. In that regard, Ramaco is committed to deliver high-end quality for landmark and distinguished Projects.

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Core Values

Ramaco’s Core values are the basis for establishing a common culture for the company. Our Core Values are: Integrity, Teamwork, Performance, Learning, and Courage.

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Vision & Mission

Ramaco provides value added General Contracting Services to its valued Clients via successful partnerships with them throughout the whole Construction process, and constant technological and professional improvement of its team.

Ramaco strives to provide a stable and comfortable work environment in addition to a long-term career path to all of its employees.

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   Recent News

Ramaco has been awarded

Ramaco has been awarded "Flore...

19 July 2019

Mr. Fahad Jaidah , Chairman “ Our company is very proud to receive the award for the design and construction of this prestigious project at the Pearl Qatar. This is an accolade which crowns our continual involvement in...

FJ Residential Tower Launching!!!

FJ Residential Tower Launching!!!

17 May 2019

RAMACO  properties management department is proud to announce the launching of leasing of 1& 2 bedrooms fully furnished flats at FJ Tower, located in front of Marina, Lusail. Simplicity, elegance & sophisti...

Watany Qatar National Campaign &  Strategic Relations Forum

Watany Qatar National Campaign &...

31 July 2018

Ramaco had the honour to be the Golden Sponsor of  Watany Qatar National Campaign &  Strategic Relations Forum dated 31 July 2018 which featured the Achievements during the last year of Steadfastness under...

Ramaco  was honored during  “ Qatar National Record “ launching ceremony

Ramaco was honored during “ Qatar N...

09 December 2017

Ramaco  was honored during  “ Qatar National Record “ launching ceremony, that was held on 9 December 2017 to commemorate Qatar's National Day under the title:   "We are all Qatar, we are all Tamim"...