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Executive Messages



Ramaco is a construction company founded on the basis of integrity, teamwork, respect, and commitment to quality and safety, all in a major focus to keep our clients satisfied. Today, we remain devoted to these same founding values which have driven our success.

These values are ingrained in our company’s culture and are closely followed in every aspect of our business operations, and they are what we are best known for by our clients. In addition to our values, Ramaco has four core objectives: no compromise on produced quality, timely completion of projects, continuous investment in human resources’ development, and strong commitment to client satisfaction.
We know that success is not achieved overnight. Our own success was built throughout two decades. It was built on solid foundations which has resulted in a company staffed by individuals who are experts in their fields. This success drives us to endeavor launching our operations in neighboring countries, where we aim to be operational in KSA effective beginning of 2024.

In Ramaco we are committed to sustaining our expertise and we look forward to a steady path of growth in line with the Qatar National Vision for 2030 and the construction development in the region.

"We look forward to a steady path of growth in line with the Quatar national vision 2030."


Managing Director

Over than two decades elapsed since Ramaco was founded and this presents us with an opportunity to reflect on the qualities that have enabled Ramaco to continue providing its clients with the best in market turnkey construction solutions while expanding its size and capabilities.

Although Ramaco has gone through many changes over these past two decades, however, our values have remained consistent: As we still emphasis on integrity, commitment to quality and safety, teamwork and respect.
Those values allow Ramaco to offer to their esteemed clients what goes beyond the usual client – contractor relationship as we work together with them throughout every stage of a project: from design, to construction, to Facility Management and deliver a high-quality service at each stage.

Satisfying our clients’ expectations and going beyond them is what has earned us our excellent reputation in the Qatari market, and it is what has enabled us to take on more challenging projects over the years. We overcome the challenges that we face in each project by investing into the size and expertise of our workforce and the efficiency of our systems.

Our investment in the company enabled us to retain all our workforce throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and have ensured the continuity of our business.

Our long-term strategic objectives include diversifying our activities in line with Qatar’s National Vision 2030 and expanding our operations and offices regionally and internationally. In that regard, we are aiming to be fully operation in KSA effective 2024.

"What we offer to clients goes beyond the usual client-contractor relationship."