You deserve the best! Y Village offers you the best. Y village villas are carefully designed to provide the best home in Qatar. It is patterned with Western style housing entwined with the classy modern facet. Decorative gypsum works are made exquisite to show elegance and simplicity. Complete with amenities, such as central air-conditioning, kitchen and dining, tastefully designed interiors – 4 Master bedrooms and living rooms, bathrooms and maid’s quarter – each villa has been molded into a living beautiful space – a home that reflects world-class standards.

promise #1

Y VILLAGE IS Composed of 190 distinctively designed villas and 21 luxury flats. We offer the indulgence of western living. All villas and flats are built with highest standards with an aim to make you feel most welcome in your new home. The village itself is made peaceful so you can enjoy a stroll in magnificent gardens or simply take a dip in the swimming pool or simply relax and take pleasure in our facilities.

promise #2

Your Lifestyle A lush environment and path walks can get you to enchanted garden. Homes are made integrated to its surroundings. Terraces are built so you can take a private view of relaxation and peace. Y Village balanced open spaces and the homes so you can enjoy magnificent greenery.

promise #3

Your Comfort Unlike other big compounds,Yvillage gives a huge importance for privacy and security. Attached villas are walled from each other to give you the freedom and privacy of your very own Space. Your culture and your comfortable private life matters, double glassing windows are created to emphasize your right to privacy and a quiet home.