The administration department consists of support staff with responsibilities for functions all administrative issues,legal and public relations activities and camp maintenance across the group.
In other words, the department has many different roles and activities, but the common objective is to ensure that the group is in a position to succeed with its main tasks.

Human Resources.

A professional and progressive human resource development approach is what knits together the RAMACO family  members.The success of every project is attributed to RAMACO's people. People who are efficient in performing traditional construction work, creative and innovative, in developing new methods that directly contribute to the projects success.

Finance & Accounts.

Project financing is one of our most stable resources. This gives us the ability to access construction resources whenever and wherever it is required. The finance department manages banking facilities at the minimum cost and at the required time maintains financial accounting records in line with International accounting standards.

 Business Development.

Business development  department plays a crucial role in expanding the business opportunities for RAMACO. It collects information on upcoming projects, develops the Group's strategies, collects customer feedback,  and co-ordinates external alliances such as contractors, manufacturers and suppliers of international repute.

Information Technology.

Due to the ever changing technology environment, it is imperative that a business has a solid IT infrastructure in place. We have well established & secured IT infrastructure to support various departments in the Head Office & construction sites. IT Department handling the total control of all technological aspects of the company.


We maintain an efficient supply-chain management providing the necessary resources even to the most demanding and complex project material schedules.
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